Cheeky Clownfish

2 - 2.5 years

Ready, Set, GO….- your entering Two’s Territory –

In a world of awe and wonder the two year olds explore their identity, authority and bursting little personalities….. and it’s SO MUCH FUN!
Toddlers will give anything a go, this is the move from baby spaces to “big kid play” and our state of the art facilities up the anti, both indoors and out!

With chance to self-select experiences, choose spaces to play, slide, jump, skip,  balance and create life is never as busy again as it is when you’re 2! In this environment we pride ourselves on offering a range of materials just for 2 year olds to expose them to a whole new world.

They are starting to learn to be responsible and have more rules to follow and THEY THRIVE ON IT!

In this space expect to see educators running between spaces (no time to walk in twos territory) and be prepared to immerse yourself in the hype and activity- the laughter is infectious here!