Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum is based on the Early Years learning Framework (EYLF) and is intended to provide a balanced approach to early education providing children with an experience influenced by the very latest in early childhood research and practice while also understanding that families need real and concrete information about their Childs engagement, progress and development. Implementing meaningful experiences for all children takes a whole centre approach and must include contributions and ideas from families, educators the children themselves and their peers.

Through interaction, discussion, intentional teaching and collaboration educators will document and evaluate children’s experiences, development and learning in conjunction with the outcomes of the EYLF, as well as a balance between free play and educator guided learning and concept development.

Experiences of value and interest to children will be extended on the spot or on the next day of attendance ensuring learning is valid, current and meaningful for everyone involved.

Each family is asked to provide information about children’s home lives to further enhance the relevance of the program for their children as we have seen that the greater the relevance to children’s lives the better their engagement and skill development. In the final Year before formal schooling we offer an intensive School Readiness Program Inclusive of family information sessions and ongoing feedback regarding each child and their individual progress. This program runs both throughout the day and in a deliberate and structured session ensuring our little learners have the best transition to big school possible.

Assessment will focus on children’s capabilities and achievements in personal and group settings.

Educators will engage in critical reflection and evaluation of the pedagogy and strategies used in implementing the curriculum in both written and verbal ways and families are encouraged to provide their thoughts and suggestions in any way that suits them. All learning stories, reflections, evaluations and other documentation will be displayed in the classroom and on the secure private website for viewing by parents.

Children’s portfolios will be updated monthly as a minimum and all families are encouraged to participate in frequent viewing of these resources. Where specialist support is required for children with additional needs. Specialists, therapists and advisors are welcomed into the centre to work collaboratively with educators. The centre can also refer children and families to relevant health agencies with consent.