Learning Environments

At Sanctuary ELC , our spaces will be much more than “Classrooms” we are building  6 Engaging Environments, offering a unique and entertaining spin on what you might expect. Our rooms will feel more like home; fun, relaxing and “all mine” rather than the structured and tired classrooms of days gone by, and if you think that’s fun…….

Just wait until you see our Outdoor stimulating spaces specifically designed to suit the age groups they serve. This ensures safety and also offers, a balance between challenge and achievement to keep children stimulated, inspired and loving every minute.

In every space we create, Awe, Wonder and WOW are a must!  Inspired little minds cannot help but grow and develop. Our spaces belong to our family of learners we want you, your family and your child to own the spaces –

Click on our rooms below to view more information about each of our amazing individual learning environments.