Friendly Fish

2.5 - 3 years

This space is for our terrific transitioning two’s, too big to be 2 but not quite 3 and ready for more, more, more of everything!
This room is specially designed for movement, energy and exploration, and WOW does it deliver with room to move and the very best of everything. 

Expect your child to come home with tales of experiments, craft, music and more as our educators work to always challenge and push the boundaries of our toddlers thinking.

While sharing their indoor and outdoor spaces children are given large blocks of uninterrupted time to engage, create, pretend, negotiate and explore in their own sand pit, cubby house, kitchen, clay/art centre, construction corner and so much more with educators who are skilled enough to get every piece of educational value out of every interaction.

In a stage where everything is exciting there is always a sense of anticipation in the air, HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS you never know what the day will bring.